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SlimTone Carb-Stop

What is Alpha - Amylase?

When we eat starch-containing foods our pancreas secretes alpha-amylase into our intestine. Alpha-Amylase is a digestive enzyme that breaks down large complex starch molecules into smaller units called dextrin's and further to maltose. Maltose is then broken down into glucose, which is then absorbed. The original large starch molecules cannot be absorbed; however, when broken down, their smaller components are absorbed into our bodies along with their calories.


SlimTone Carb-Stop ® Phase 2® eliminates carbohydrates at the source, before they get into the blood stream as blood sugar. SlimTone Carb-Stop ® Phase 2® increases the body's ability to use blood sugar (glucose) as fuel to produce extra energy rather than storing as fat.
Active Ingredient: Phase 2® Phaseolamin Vulgaris
This extract of the northern white kidney bean has clearly been shown, in clinical studies, to inhibit the production and activity of alpha - amylase, the enzyme responsible for the breakdown of starch into sugar. A typical dose of 500 mg before a meal will prevent all the carbs in even the most loaded meal from being metabolized and converted to glucose.


What is Phase 2®?

Phase 2® is an amazing, non-stimulant, all-natural nutritional ingredient that is derived from the white kidney bean. It is the first nutritional ingredient that has been clinically & scientifically proven to neutralize starch found in your favorite foods such as potatoes, breads, pasta, rice, corn and crackers.
Phase 2® is a safe, yet powerful nutritional ingredient clinically studied to reduce the absorption of starch calories.
Phase 2® allows you to enjoy those foods that you love without all the calories.


Ingredients make a difference!

Accept no substitutes. Phase 2® is the first natural ingredient that meets these high standards of excellence through clinical research. Phase 2® has demonstrated clinical efficacy through several recent U.S. University based human studies.
Phase 2® has demonstrated safety through LD50 studies, the gold standard test for acute and chronic toxicity.
The white kidney beans used to make SlimTone Carb-Stop ® Phase 2® are non-GMO (genetically modified) while the extraction process uses purified water - no solvents! Virtually all impurities are removed during the extraction process.
Please check for the logo on the label to make sure that you're purchasing the product you want. The label (list of ingredients, nutritional panel, front of label and packaging) MUST read, "Phase 2 Starch Neutralizer®" with the logo or "Phase 2®" with the logo. Any other products with ingredients simply labeled as "Phaseolamin" do not contain the clinically-studied ingredient discussed in this brochure.
SlimTone Carb-Stop ® Phase 2® provides the benefits of a low carb diet or low carb recipe without the inconvenience of singe food diets or purchasing expensive foods.
With SlimTone Carb-Stop ® Phase 2® you have the freedom to eat the foods you love!
- When taken with the SlimTone Meal Shake High protein meal replacement, SlimTone Carb Stop® can be used to ensure that no carbs are absorbed- this will force your body to convert the protein to the sugar that is needed to burn fat. This will protect your muscles and prevent metabolic slowdown and cause the kind of rapid weight loss experienced in some high protein low carb diets (e.g. as part of the SlimTone total weight loss plan)


Is SlimTone Carb-Stop ® Phase 2® an important supplement for diabetics?

Anything which limits the amount of sugar passing from the intestine into the bloodstream benefits diabetics who have little ability to manage blood sugar. The Phase 2® found in SlimTone Carb-Stop ® has been shown to inhibit or even block the action of this sugar producing enzyme.


Does 1 Gram of SlimTone Carb-Stop ® Phase 2® Really "Block" 2250 Starch Calories in Humans?

Early studies showed Phase 2® reduced the absorption of approximately 2,250 starch calories in the laboratory-not in humans. Human starch absorption studies showed that Phase 2® reduced the absorption of starch calories by as much as 66%. However, individuals may experience different results based on body type, eating habits and lifestyle.


Does SlimTone Carb-Stop ® Phase 2® Actually Block or Inhibit Anything? That Sounds Dangerous

Phase 2® is considered a temporary alpha amylase "neutralizer". Alpha amylase is the enzyme that digests starch. Phase 2® temporarily "neutralizes", the enzyme allowing some dietary starch to pass through the body undigested, like fiber. Since it stays in the gastro intestinal tract, Phase 2® does not enter the blood stream or affect the body's organs. No adverse side effects have been observed in several human studies.


What Scientific Evidence Do You Have That Shows SlimTone Carb-Stop ® Phase 2® is Effective?

Additionally, a recently completed California study demonstrated that patients who took Phase2® brand bean extract lost nearly a half pound per week (3.8 lbs. over eight weeks) on average or better than 200% more than those on placebo.
Are There Any Negative Side Effects to Using Phase 2®
No adverse side effects were clinically observed in the starch absorption study. In the weight loss study, participants reported "good tolerability" Some people may experience increased flatulence.


How Much SlimTone Carb-Stop ® Phase 2® Should I Take?

Our clinical studies suggest efficacy at dosage levels between 500 mgs and 1500 mgs taken before eating starchy meals. Since everyone's metabolism is different, people may have to experiment on themselves to find the right levels.


Do I need to change my diet while taking SlimTone Carb-Stop ® Phase 2®?

You should be able to eat more of the starch-rich foods you love. This does not mean you can eat all the carbs you want! However, any consistent, safe, healthy weight control program should include a sensible, balanced diet and exercise. E.g. the SlimTone Total Weight Loss Program.




Supplement Facts

serving size: 1-2 capsules

Amount per serving

Phase 2®

White Kidney Bean Extract

Phaseolamin Vulgaris)†† 500mg


Phase 2® White Kidney Bean Extract (Phaseolamin Vulgaris)†† Silica, Cellulose capsule Magnesium Stearate. NO Yeast, Wheat, Milk, Egg, Soy, Glutens, Artificial Colors or Flavors, Added Sugar or Preservatives.

SlimTone ® is a registered trade mark of Nutritional Science Solutions Ltd