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Slimtone Original is an advanced Diet and slimming pill thermogenic weight loss supplement. It contains a high concentration of clinically proven ingredients,.


 *results may vary with each person!



Guarana Extract

Providing our most concentrated extract to date. Rich in naturally occurring caffeine and guaranine, this natural energy booster will give a boost of physical and mental energy without any unpleasant side effects if no more than our decomended dose is taken. Can cause an increase in fat burning by increasing body temperature (themogenesis) and metabolic output. 

Green Tea Extract

Studies indicate a 12% increase in metabolic output when combined with caffeine (15% is produced with ephedra/caffeine combinations).increases the action of Noradrenalin (the main body chemical that causes calories to be burnt) to stimulate fat burning and energy expenditure. Recent studies indicate that green tea extract can increase thermogenesis (fat burning) beyond that explained by its caffeine content alone. Research indicates that combining Caffeine with Green Tea Extract increases the thermogenic response by up to 200% when compared to caffeine alone. Dulloo ,et,al 1999. slimtone Original contains a similar concentration as in the clinical studies.

Magnolia Bark Extract

has an active ingredient that has been shown in clinical studies to bind to the Cortisol receptor sites, and therefore block the action of the fat storing stress hormone. Animal studies indicate that high levels of cortisol (produced as a result of excessive stress) slow metabolic rate and cause a hibernation effect,, encouraging fat storage. The modern western lifestyle causes significantly higher cortisol levels than normal. Blocking the action of cortisol may result in less fat being stored and a optimised metabolic rate.

Coleus Forskohlii

Enhances fat metabolism (energy expenditure) via the stimulation of T3 Thyroid action and prevents the loss of muscle tone during calorie restricted diets, via its inhibiting action of Cyclic AMP (Natural chemical that breaks down muscle tissue). This anti-catabolic effect may also increase the muscle toning effect of exercise.

Chromium Chelate

Is needed to produce glucose tolerance factor (GTF). This improves the efficiency of Insulin at transporting sugar to the muscles, resulting in more sugar being burnt during exercise. Insulin is the hormone responsible for fat storage, less insulin is produced when chromium is present and this may therefore result in less fat being stored during exercise than in a person who is deficient in chromium.

Acetyl-l Carnitine

is a fat metaboliser/ anti-catabolic agent that inhibits testosterone breakdown to maintain muscle mass, and is the single most effective fat metaboliser (during aerobic exercise) that exists.


Naturally extracted from chocolate to boost energy levels, help cravings, aid excess water retention and optimises metabolic rate.


is involved in the production of two key neurotransmitters required for fat burning and energy release: Dopamine and Noradrenalin. These brain chemicals release signals during eating to make you feel full and satisfied.

 *results may vary with each person!



During exercise Thermogenesis has a natural appetite suppression effect. When combined with the following ingredients SlimTone Original food supplement has an appetite managing quality.

Hoodia Gondoni Cactus Extract

is a clinically proven appetite controller that has been used for century's by south African bushmen. Its active ingredient binds to receptor sites in the brain to give a signal stronger than sugar. This creates a sense of satisfaction and minimises sugar cravings and hunger pangs. Caffeine free.

Garcinia Cambogia Extract

(Natural source of Hydroxy Citric Acid) has been shown to help prevent the conversion of excess carbohydrate (sugar) to fat. It may possesses an appetite managing quality to help combat those all too familiar afternoon and evening hunger pangs. Caffeine free.

Green Tea Extract

has been shown in clinical studies to prevent the negative fluctuations in blood sugar levels associated with calorie restricted diets. This naturally suppresses and controls appetite. slimtone.

Chromium Chelate

Has blood sugar maintenance via the production of glucose tolerance factor (GTF).the results in lower insulin levels with results in more glucose being up taken into the muscles and burnt during exercise.


Is a precursor to dopamine ( brain chemicals) studies indicate intake of tyrosine during regular exercise results in higher dopamine release which results in lower than average food cravings during rest.

 *results may vary with each person!


Guarana Extract 

Rich in naturally occurring caffeine and guaranine, this natural energy booster will give an increase of physical and mental energy. Studies show it may cause an increase in fat burning by increasing body temperature (themogenesis) and metabolic output during exercise.

Cocoa Extract

contains the main active ingredient Theobromine and will boost metabolic rate, manage sugar cravings, and boost energy levels at rest and during exercise.

Acetyl-l Carnitine and L- Tyrosine

are the main amino acids that are involved in the production of energy. In the presence of Guarana and Cocoa they are involved in energy production, mental alertness and concentration.

 *results may vary with each person




Moderate Pace weight loss:


Take 1-2 capsules of SlimTone Original within 30 minutes of your high protein breakfast and lunch to manage sugar cravings and hunger pangs between meals. See the SlimTone Sensible Eating plan® or for more details.

Fast Pace Weight Loss:


Add 1-2 capsules of SlimTone Stimulant Free to your morning and afternoon dose of SlimTone Original..


Moderate Pace weight loss:


Take 1-2 capsules of SlimTone Stimulant Free within 10 minutes of your early evening meal to combat late evening sugar cravings and hunger pangs.

Fast Pace Weight Loss:


Take 1-2 capsules of SlimTone Stimulant Free 1-2 hours before bed on an empty stomach.


Add 1-2 capsules of SlimTone Stimulant Free to your morning and afternoon dose of SlimTone Original (within 10 minutes of the meal) to increase the appetite support without increasing its stimulant support.



SlimTone Stimulant Free® has powerful natural appetite managers that will support the all too familiar evening hunger pangs that are an inevitable result of most low calorie diets. The natural fat metabolisers will support metabolic slowdown, and growth hormone optimizers will support muscle wasting, naturally improving body shape and tone if taken with our calories controlled diet and exercise program.



See the Slimtone Sensible Eating Guide or question 4 in our FAQ section for more details).


We are so sure that you will love SlimTone that all purchases come with our 20 day full satisfaction money back guarantee!

 *results may vary with each person



Slimtone Original Ingredients per serving:

Serving size below 2 capsules

Proprietary slimtoneBlend™ Complex…1600mg.


Thryoslim™ (proprietary blend:

l-tyrosine and acetyl-l-tyrosine,

3,3',4',5-7 pentahydroxyflavone and


Actyl –l carnitine).

Cocoa extract (standardised for  theobromine)

Potassium citrate, Guarana extract (standardised for caffeine and methylxanthines),

Dl-Methionine, Garcinia Camboga- leaf and rind,

Green tea ext standardised for polyphenols, catechins, epigallocatechin gallate and caffeine)

Hoodia Cactus extract,

Magnolia Bark extract,


Coleus Forskohlii Ginger ext,

Chromium chelate...............................400mcg.

B 6.....................................................10mg

Pantothenic acid..................................10mg

Magnesium oxide.................................8gm.


Other ingredients: magnesium stearate, silica, veggie cellulose capsule. Free from artificial additives or preservative.


Not intended to treat diagnose or prevent disease or modify physiology.




Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing or at risk of or being treated for high blood pressure, heart disease, renal disease, hyperthyroidism, spasms, psychiatric disease, suffer from migraines, are allergic to tyramine or chocolate, have asthma, or are taking asthma medication. 

Consult your physician before use if you are taking a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI) discontinue use immediately and consult your doctor if any adverse reaction occurs. 

Do not use if under 18. Note: Guarana and Green tea ext contains caffeine (100mg per capsule) Chromium may increase insulin sensitivity, consult doctor.

Note: Guarana ext. contains Caffeine.
Keep out of the reach of children.


 *results may vary with each person

Manufactured in the USA exclusively for NSS.
Best before end: See side of bottle or Box.
This supplement is not intended to treat diagnose, cure or prevent any disease

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SlimTone ® is a registered trade mark of Nutritional Science Solutions Ltd