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Nicola, North London

My food consumption was quite high. Whilst taking SlimTone Original and Stimulant Free, I began a ... More Info

Alberta, London

I started using the SlimTone Combo Box at the beginning of 2005 and used it for 3 months. My ... More Info

Angelini, Doncaster

I have been on a diet all my life. It seemed that no matter what I did the weight never came off ... More Info


The Sensible Eating Guide

The Sensible Eating Guide forms a vital part of the SlimTone Easy Weight Loss System ...


Online Exercise Guide

Joint Doctor

An easy to follow exercise guide including workouts to target your specific problem areas ...

Members Area

Welcome to the members only pages, in this section you can download our sensible eating diet plan and exercise guides plus ask our resident Diet Doctor any questions relating to your diet.

Future updates in this members only section will include; diet reviews, extra diet plans, latest diet information, exercise plans, fitness guides,and more diet pill comparisons and healthy weight loss tips.


Online Sensible Eating Guide

A simple to follow comprehensive diet plan with very useful tips on meal quantities to help maximize your body's weight loss potential.

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Online Exercise Guide

A very useful quick reference exercise guide designed to ensure that you are exercising in the fat burning zone created by specific heart rate levels, to promote healthy weight loss.

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Maintenance Dosage

Directions for using the SlimTone Diet and slimming pill range weight loss supplements after your 12-week course.

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