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New from Natural Scientific SCIENCE Direct® Joint Doctor® Collagen Complex provides the optimum nutrition to help repair and rebuild damaged or deteriorated joint cartilage, by nourishing and therefore strengthening and protecting the cartilage, leading to improved joint mobility and reduced inflammation.



Currently 39 million Europeans suffer from osteoarthritis and many more are at risk of developing the condition, characterised by the gradual breakdown of articular cartilage, resulting in pain and loss of joint mobility.

Osteoarthritis is the single most prevalent age related disease to people aged 65 and over and this will dramatically increase in the future. It is predicted by 2020 that over 80 million people in Europe alone will be suffering pain from some form of Osteoarthritis.



Collagen is the vital protein necessary for the formation of Joint cartilage, ligaments, tendons, skin, hair and nails.



Under the age of 25 years our body loses and creates roughly an equal volume of collagen every day. Collagen is normally created from protein food sources found in a balanced diet and secreted in the Chondrocyte cells in the body.



After the age of 25 the collagen lost is approximately 1-2% greater than we can produce naturally. This is why we have up to 30% less collagen by the age of 40. This, combined with the fact that eating habits have lead to diets lacking in the correct amino acids, co factors and naturally occurring enzymes (live green foods) required to sustain the correct levels of collagen have lead to some people having an even greater deficiency than 30%



IN THE EARLY STAGES! - Deterioration of the joint cartilage can occur through moderate stress placed on the joints in every day life; this stress increases during physical exercise.
Jockeys for example are susceptible to lateral meniscus injuries in the knee due to the movements and positions adopted when riding. Most sports stimulate muscular development, making the levers around the joint heavier and stronger, this results in even more pressure on the joint.

IN THE LATE STAGES! - When the cartilage starts to deteriorate, it can lead to a deformation of the joints. The subjacent bone can be affected and movement becomes painful and limited, while idle muscle (painful joints are naturally moved less) becomes worn and frail. As the joints become less stable, undue pressure is put on the supporting ligaments, leaving them susceptible to pulls and strains.

An additional problem is the malnutrition of the Chondrocytes- these produce type 11 collagen, the dominant collagen in cartilage and essential for its strength. See clinical trials



When taken regularly Joint Doctor® Collagen complex will replace lost collagen stores and stimulate new collagen production in the body.

This will lead to a dramatic improvement in mobility and reduction of pain of the joints and an improvement in the condition and strength of the major tendons and ligaments that support and mobilise your joints.

A 5-10 gram daily dose taken over a 1-3 month period will dramatically replenish your natural collagen levels, leading to a number of welcome physical benefits

Joint Doctor® Collagen complex will encourage your body (chondrocytes) to produce up to 250% more collagen which is responsible for the development and maintenance of joint-cushioning cartilage.

Joint Doctor® Collagen complex can help stimulate existing cartilage renewal thus reducing joint pain and helping to control the effects of rheumatoid and osteoarthritis.

Joint Doctor® eases joint and muscle pain by blocking the inflammation process…..naturally.

Joint Doctor® helps to develop muscle and tendon strength.

Joint Doctor® Collagen complex speeds up recovery time for joint injuries.

Joint Doctor® when used long term, can help put a stop to articular injuries in sportsmen and women.

Joint Doctor® Collagen complex also helps to keep the complexion of the skin looking young, improves the tone of the skin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and promotes the growth of stronger, thicker hair and nails.



Joint Doctor® Collagen complex also contains the following world renowned natural compounds that have clinically proven scientific benefits for the articular joints:



- Marine based amino sugar required for the natural production of connective tissue. Regular use has been shown in studies to promote an improvement in joint mobility and reduce joint pain. Glucosamine is the single most popular natural joint supplement with millions of users worldwide. Our 6 capsule daily dose will provide the same quantity of glucosamine given to rheumatoid and osteoarthritis patients in several validated clinical trials confirming its efficiency on the human body.


- Natural fibrous component of connective tissue. Supplementation will strengthen and support connective tissue and cartilage, improving the elasticity of the cross fibres. Connective tissue and cartilage deficient in this natural component will be more prone to breakages and will therefore be less able to support surrounding tissues and Joints. Natural production of this compound is limited at maintenance levels, injury will reduce natural reserves, leading to a deficiency. This natural supplement is often added to many glucosamine supplements. Joint Doctor® Collagen complex capsules provide the optimum ratio of this immensely important tissue strengthening nutrient.

MSM (Methyl-Sulpono-Methane):

- This natural form of Sulphur is involved in thousands of natural, body chemical reactions. Clinical studies confirming its positive effects on joint mobility and pain management, have led to the introduction of thousands of MSM supplements to the world market. The natural production of collagen and connective tissue is dependent on adequate sulphur levels in the body. Today's modern (inadequate) convenience, processed diet is woefully deficient in natural sulphur and can seriously hinder the body's ability to maintain pain free mobility. 6 Joint Doctor® capsules, when taken daily will overcome any nutritional deficiencies and dramatically enhance your body's incredible natural healing powers.


- A world renowned nutrient/trace element dense digestive aid, lubricant, used in millions of supplements worldwide with many applications. Users have reported improved regularity of bowel movements, increased energy and a greater sense of well being. Aloe Vera's high glycerol content has been shown to densify the viscosity of synovial fluid thereby thickening your natural 'Joint Oil' and improving your mobility. Joint Doctor® Collagen complex is one of the only supplements to contain this 'gift from nature' natural compound.


This essential vitamin is required for the natural production of connective tissue, cartilage and all protein based components in the body. At cellular level it is considered the cement that gives each cell its structural strength and stability. Each Joint Doctor capsule contains enough Vitamin C to ensure the natural healing power of your body works at its highest level, while also supporting your immune system and maximising blood circulation to the joints. Vitamin C also protects the body with its powerful anti-oxidant action, preventing natural oxygen damage to the arteries thus, maintaining their natural elastic, blood pressure regulating properties.

Top nutritionists and medical experts agree that Joint Doctor® Collagen complex is the most effective joint regenerative natural compound ever created.

Joint Doctor® Collagen complex is the world's first joint rehabilitation formulation to contain all the above 'scientifically validated' natural ingredients.



How does Joint Doctor work?

Joint Doctor® Collagen complex works by repairing damaged cartilage and almost completely stops further deterioration. Joint Doctor will also cause collagen producing cells in the body to increase their natural production of collagen up to levels only usually experience by those under 25 years of age.

A vastly improved range of mobility and greatly reduced pain levels.

Reduced pain levels, it must be full of painkillers. Is Joint Doctor® collagen complex dangerous?

No! Joint Doctor® Collagen Complex capsules are completely safe and contain only natural ingredients. Long term use of even non prescription analgesics has been shown in scientific studies to cause long term damage to vital internal organs. The pain relief that has been reported by thousands of satisfied Joint Doctor users is caused by the development of fresh new cartilage that naturally cushions your joints leading to smooth pain free joint movements.

Sounds too good to be true. Is there any scientific proof of its effects?

Joint Doctor's® primary active ingredient has been extensively researched and validated. Professor R Moskowitz, director of the Arthritis Institute, university of Cleveland, USA, conducted research on 300 osteoarthritis patients. The multi centered trials showed a significant reduction in pain and an improvement in Joint mobility in the group taking Joint Doctor® Collagen Complex. The researchers also investigated the effect of Joint Doctor Supplementation on the collagen producing cells in the body (chondrocytes) and indicated an increase in production of over 250%! Click here for more details.

I use medication, can I still use Joint Doctor® collagen complex?

Yes! Joint Doctor® Collagen Complex is completely natural and free from any side effects and therefore will not react with most forms of medication, however, we strongly recommend that an assessment is made by a medical professional or doctor before anyone taking prescription medication, uses our formulation.

I don't suffer from osteoarthritis, but I do participate in sports regularly and often experience the painful effects of stiff joints. Will Joint Doctor® Collagen Complex benefit me?

Yes! Thousands of sportsmen and women regularly use Joint Doctor® Collagen Complex to naturally increase their production of joint cushioning collagen. Sports men and women using Joint Doctor have reported a much lower instance of joint stiffness and greater recovery from workouts. This injury preventative supplement will ensure your joints remain strong, supple and withstand the great demands that competitive exercise places on the body. There have been many reports of old, long standing injuries simply 'clearing up' with the regular use of Joint Doctor® Collagen Complex.

That sounds great! How many capsules do I need to take per day?

Take 1-2 capsules 3 times daily with a glass of water on an empty stomach. For optimum results do not take with any other protein powders/supplements. Wait 30 minutes before eating or take all 6 on an empty stomach before bedtime. A 5-10 gram daily dose taken over a 1-3 month period will dramatically replenish your natural collagen levels, leading to a number of welcome physical benefits.

click here for a full list of Joint Doctor questions and answers



Serving size 2 capsules

Vitamin C…….60mg

Ingredients: Collagen Hydrolysate, Joint doctor propriety blend: Glucosamine sulphate, MSM and chrondroitin sulphate Aloe Vera, and Vegetable Glycerin. Other ingredients (capsule) Gelatine, Magnesium sterate, Searic acid and microcrystalline cellulose. Contains no sucrose, starch, yeast, wheat, corn, cholesterol, fat, or dairy products. The values represent grams of amino acids per 100 grams of edible protein.

Suggested use:

Take 1-2 capsules 3 times daily with a glass of water, preferably on an empty stomach for maximum absorption. For optimum nutritional benefits do not take with other protein powders/supplements. Wait 30 minutes before eating or take all 6 on an empty stomach before bedtime.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Manufactured in the USA exclusively for NUTRITIONAL SCIENCE SOLUTIONS LTD.

Best before end: See side of bottle or Box.

This supplement is not intended to treat diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.


Different clinical trials have confirmed the effectiveness of Joint Doctor® components, including proving its effect in helping ease the symptoms of the degenerative process of the hip and knee, the reduction of the pain in patients with rheumatoid arthritis and increased mobility in persons diagnosed with osteoarthritis. Benefits and improvements have been seen within a few weeks.

Professor R Moskowitz, director of the Arthritis Institute at the US university of Cleveland and president of the International Osteoarthritis Research Society, supported the views on collagen role in Joint Health. A multi-centred trial conducted on 300 osteoarthritis patients showed a significant reduction in pain and on improvement in joint mobility in the group taking collagen Hydrolysate but few analgesics, reported Professor Moskowitz, particularly in situations in which cartilage is under massive stress, the intake of collagen Hydrolysate could be highly significant and reduce degenerative changes said Dr Oesser.

The researchers investigated the effect of collagen Hydrolysate on the metabolism of the cartilage cells called chondrocytes. These produce type 11 collagen, the dominant collagen in cartilage and essential for its structure almost 2.5 times of that seen in control cells, particularly under stress or damage.

A form of collagen, hydrolysed to improve absorption into the bloodstream, can stimulate the production of cells responsible for maintaining joint-cushioning cartilage according to the study published in cell and tissue research.

For a comprehensive list of JOINT PAIN clinical trial data click here

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