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Below is the list of natural ingredients used to create the SlimTone Diet and slimming pill range of weight loss supplements.

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Guarana Extract (Contains Caffeine)

Rich in naturally occurring caffeine and guaranine, this natural energy booster will give a boost of physical and mental energy without any unpleasant side effects if no more than our recommended dose is taken. Studies indicate that it can cause an increase in fat burning by increasing body temperature (themogenesis) and metabolic output. 

Central stimulant increases 24 hour energy expenditure, inhibits adenosine (cAMP) to create lypolitic (fat burning) and metabolic boosting via the action of Noradrenaline.


CAUTION: SlimTone original: Due to its high stimulant levels do not take in the evening or up to 4 hours before sleep.

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Green Tea Extract (Contains Polyphenols)


Research indicates that combining Caffeine with Green Tea Extract increases the thermogenic response by up to 200% when compared to Caffeine alone. It increases the action of Noradrenaline to stimulate fat oxidation and 24 hour energy expenditure.

Green Tea Extract has been shown in clinical studies to prevent the negative fluctuations in blood sugar levels associated with calorie restricted diets. This naturally suppresses and controls appetite.

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Fat metaboliser/anticatabolic agent that inhibits testosterone breakdown to maintain muscle mass, and is the single most effective fat metaboliser that exists.


Inhibits lactic acid (muscle burn) production, improves circulation, and is involved in Dopamine and Acetyl-L Choline production.

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L Tyrosine


Is a precursor to dopamine ( brain chemicals) studies indicate intake of tyrosine during regular exercise results in higher dopamine release which results in lower than average food cravings during rest.

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Chromium Chelate


Is needed to produce glucose tolerance factor (GTF). This improves the efficiency of Insulin at transporting sugar to the muscles, resulting in more sugar being burnt during exercise. Insulin is the hormone responsible for fat storage, less insulin is produced when chromium is present and this may therefore result in less fat being stored during exercise than in a person who is deficient in chromium.

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Conjugated Linoleic Acid (C.L.A)


A clinically proven metabolic booster that causes an increase in calorie burning by regulating hormones that increase muscle tone.

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Sea Weed Extract


A rich source of trace elements especially iodine (Essential for the production of the metabolic boosting hormone thyroxin).

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L-Argenine and L-Ornathine


Widely known in the scientific community for their amazing ability to raise levels of our natural fat busting growth hormone. When taken at night, they can improve protein synthesis to maximise fat burning.

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Cocoa Extract


contains the main active ingredient Theobromine and will boost metabolic rate, manage sugar cravings, and boost energy levels at rest and during exercise.

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