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Nicola, North London

My food consumption was quite high. Whilst taking SlimTone Original and Stimulant Free, I began a ... More Info

Alberta, London

I started using the SlimTone Combo Box at the beginning of 2005 and used it for 3 months. My ... More Info

Angelini, Doncaster

I have been on a diet all my life. It seemed that no matter what I did the weight never came off ... More Info


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The following testimonials were received by email and mail from SlimTone customers.
Results may vary and the sample results below cannot be expected in 100% of SlimTone users.

BEFORE (15 stone, 210lbs)
AFTER (11 stone, 154lbs)

I have tried many methods of dieting but they never seemed to work. Then my friend suggested for me to try SlimTone capsules. At first I wasn't sure about them, because you hear all these horrible stories about slimming pills. But I thought...Well it couldn't hurt. I started taking SlimTone December 2004, just before Christmas. I was taking them for about 11 months on and off. I would have a month off in between just for my body to have a rest. During this period my appetite levels dropped and I started to drink more water. I didn't get any side effects; just felt like my body was a bundle of energy. This was something that I had never experienced before.

My food consumption before:

8am Breakfast Big breakfast, bowl of cereal or some toast 10am Lunch Sandwich, packet of crisps, fatty drink 1pm Snack another sandwich, packet of crisps, fatty drink 3pm snack crisps, chocolate bar 6pm Dinner Usually with chips


8am Breakfast Cereal 12am Lunch Sandwich with low fat salad, fruit 6pm Dinner Low fat, and always with a salad At least 2-3 litres of water per day


Clothes size from 18 to 12-14 Weight from 15stone to 11 stone

I stopped taking SlimTone capsules in November 2005 and to date I've kept the weight off and am still losing it slowly. I would recommend SlimTone to anyone and as you can see from the before and after pictures, it has changed my body size.

Felicity Wilkes, North York's


BEFORE (13 stone 10lbs, 192lbs)
AFTER (10 stone 2lbs, 142lbs)

I started using The SlimTone Combo Box at the beginning of 2005 and used it for 3 months. My starting weight was 13 stone 10lbs with measurements of 38, 38, 40 and my amazing finishing weight after using SlimTone for 3 months is 10 stone 2lbs with measurements of 34, 26,30, overall I lost 2 stone and 6lbs. Before I started using SlimTone my eating pattern consisted of:


No Breakfast.

Mid Morning:

A snack, chocolate or crisps, fizzy drink.


High Carb, high fat cooked meal, with fizzy drin.

Mid Afternoon:

Doritos, Pringles and chocolates.


Usually high Carb, high fat cooked meal.

I followed the SlimTone sensible eating guide they recommended which I adapted to straight away. Before I started the SlimTone I did not do any exercise at all, I used my car for everything, but as I started SlimTone I followed the recommended exercise routine, which made me want to do more exercise such as joining a gym and walking daily. Before I started SlimTone I snacked between meals even if I wasn't hungry, during my course my appetite levels decreased. I ate only 3 meals a day


Bowl of cereal plus 3 pieces of fruit. (1-2 glasses of water with 2 capsules of SlimTone Original)

Mid Morning:

nothing (1-2 glasses of water)


High protein, low Carb, low fat cooked meal (1-2 glasses of water with 1 capsule of SlimTone Original)

Mid Afternoon:

nothing. (1-2 glasses of water)


Baked potato with tuna, (1-2 glasses of water with 2 capsules of SlimTone Stimulant Free)

Following the SlimTone diet plan, all my chocolate cravings had stopped, I was more alert all through out the day and felt as though I could tackle and handle anything. I noticed I slept a better/deeper sleep and had no trouble waking up in the morning. I dramatically increased my water intake by 2 litres a day compared with only ever drinking fizzy drinks, and this really increased my energy levels. With the slimming products I have taken in the past, none of them offered an eating plan, so I was still eating nearly the same amount but just taking the pills after each meal, whereas with SlimTone, it taught me more about food and what I should and shouldn't eat.

I feel much healthier and I eat more sensibly. I had already recommended SlimTone to my friends and family and even ordered some for them.

The main benefits of SlimTone is that it provides a balanced eating plan missing no meals out, so it teaches you about meal planning in the future.

SlimTone also increases energy levels whereas many make you nauseous.

The SlimTone web site provides lots of information about the SlimTone ingredients, the weight loss and exercise program. Most questions you would ask yourself about the product are answered in their questions and answers section.

Alberta, London

BEFORE (16 stone 7lbs, 231lbs)
AFTER (14 stone 4lbs, 200lbs)

I have been using SlimTone for just over 3 months. Before I started I weighed 16 stone 7lbs with a waist of 42inches. I now weigh 14 stone 4lbs with a waist measurement of 30 inches.

Before I started following the SlimTone weight loss program, I had the following eating plan:



Mid Morning:



5pm, Bowl of cereal, toast, (protein drink)


Crisps, chocolate, fizzy drinks


10 pm Large plate of cooked food, fruit juice, ice-cream (protein drink)


Ice cream, cakes, crisps, etc general snacking (protein drink)

I took very little cardio-vascular exercise, I used my car to go everywhere and often felt sluggish with no energy.

Whilst following the SlimTone weight loss program I had the following eating plan.

Breakfast 7.30am:

Bowl of cereal, yogurt, 4 slices of toast and a protein drink with 1 pint of water. (2 capsules of SlimTone original)

Mid Morning:

1.5 pint of water

Lunch 1pm:

2 low fat sandwiches or baked potatoes with a protein drink (2 capsules of SlimTone original)

Mid afternoon snack:

Fruit and 2 glasses of water with a protein drink.

Dinner 7pm:

High protein, low fat light meal and a protein drink with 1 pint of water (2 capsules of SlimTone Stimulant Free

Dinner 7pm:

High protein, low fat light meal and a protein drink with 1 pint of water (2 capsules of SlimTone Stimulant Free


2 apples with 1 glass of water (2 capsules of SlimTone Stimulant Free)

While following the SlimTone weight loss program, I started to eat a large breakfast, much earlier in the morning and found that this gave me more energy during this period. I had a medium lunch and a light dinner. I took Original in the morning and at lunch time and found that my between meal food cravings had disappeared. I took stimulant Free in the evening and found that my late evening cravings had stopped completely. I increased my water intake and noticed a huge increase in my energy levels. I didn't think about food all evening. I downloaded the free weight loss program on the website and followed the exercise program. I used the stair climber and the treadmill 3 times per week and performed the body toning exercises with fantastic results.

As you can see from the pictures I managed to get my self into fantastic shape and everyone noticed the difference; this boosted my confidence and made me high on life.

I have never come across such a comprehensive weight loss product. It helps the user set up a perfect high protein, low calorie diet plan and then shows them how to use the Original and Stimulant Free capsules to help them stick to their diet plan. This system almost guarantees success for the user.

James, London

BEFORE (13 stone 11lbs, 164lbs)
AFTER (9 stone 8lbs, 134lbs)

Length Using Slimtone products: 5 months

Starting weight and measurements:

Weight: 13st 11lbs, Bust: 35, Waist: 27 Hips: 41

Current weight and measurements:

Weight: 9st 8lbs, Bust: 34, Waist: 26 Hips: 37 Inches lost: 9

My food consumption was quite high. Whilst taking SlimTone Original and Stimulant Free, I began a more healthy diet to compensate and my appetite also decreased. I wasattempting to lose weight before taking SlimTone by running 3-4 times a week forabout 3 miles per session. I began taking SlimTone and found running a lot easier. I am now running 4-5 times a week for 6-8 miles per session.

My energy levels have certainly improved. Mental alertness is also very good after taking the tablets and they do tend to wake me up if I'm feeling a bit tired. I don't tend to snack at all in between meals, just sticking to 3 small meals a day seems to be sufficient.

My daily appetite levels can vary from day to day. I am finding that I do not depend on consuming large meals anymore and can have less to eat on certain days. I can eat a take-away or eat chocolate without having to feel guilty as long as I am sensible throughout the rest of the week and have regular exercise. I found the tablets to be brilliant for the metabolic rate when I go running or do any aerobic activity; this is where I noticed a massive difference. It took about a month to work properly, and because I'm not a good sleeper I had to be careful about not taking the original to late in the afternoon, and I drink at least 1-2 litres of water a day.

I have suffered with my fluctuating weight over the years and am absolutely delighted to have found a product that actually works. Yes! They do work; I have tried many diets and diet products and found the SlimTone range to be by far the best yet!

The main real benefits of using SlimTone are the results that I can talk about today. I was very vary in the beginning and found that it did take a month before the tablets properly kicked into my system. They have helped me with my energy levels and increased my level of exercise. I now have goals I can work towards like items of clothing that I have never been able to wear without feeling fat. I never feel bad about eating non-diet foods anymore.

I can never stick to very strict diets and always end up giving in and eating more because I am starving, but this is where SlimTone can really help you to control those bad eating habits. The capsules tend to calm your appetite down but you are still able to maintain the energy levels you need for exercise. I would totally recommend anyone who has had a real battle with their weight and needs a healthy helping hand to choose the Slimtone range of products. As long as they are available I won't be using anything else.

Nicola, North London.

BEFORE (14 stone, 196lbs)
AFTER (11.5 stone, 161lbs)

I have been using SlimTone for 1 year. I have used 3 of the 3 month courses...

I have been using SlimTone for 1 year.I have used 3 of the 3 month courses. SlimTone reduced my need for snacking. I was able to cut down the quantity of my meals and I was hardly ever hungry. I usually ate salads, vegetables, fish, meat etc…I took stimulant free in the evening, this really stopped me snacking and made my appetite much less. I slept normally and did not suffer any nausea. I increased my water intake to 3 litres per day. This made me feel much healthier and killed my usual hunger pangs. About twice weekly I went out for a treat of 'junk food'.

I went to the gym 3 times weekly, for 1 hour. I took SlimTone before and after exercise, this really boosted my energy levels and I was able to train much harder thank before. THIS IS THE BEST PRODUCT I EVER USED! The main benefits are increased energy and stamina during exercise, when bored; food is not the first thing you think of. I went from 14 stone with a 37 inch waist to 11.5 stone with a 30 inch waist after the first 2 courses of capsules but was already a 32 inch after just 3 months. Everyone noticed the difference in my appearance- it's very good for self-confidence and moral. I had the best summer I can remember; 3 beach holidays! Thank you.

Wayne Brown, London

BEFORE (14 stone 7lbs, 203lbs)
AFTER (13 stone 7lbs, 189lbs)

I have been using SlimTone for 6 weeks in which time I have seen a dramatic reduction in weight loss. My weight before commencing the SlimTone program was 14.5 stone with a waist measurement of 38 inches. At this time I was unhappy with my weight and felt that I had middle age spread 20 years too early!

I chose the SlimTone plan as it was the only program that allowed me to continue with a similar life style without depriving myself of some of life's pleasures. So far I am down to 13.5 stone and a waist line of 36 inches. I am overjoyed with this result despite indulging on holiday in the last few weeks I have lost a stone in weight.

I try to eat as healthy as I can but sometimes social events and situations do not always make this possible. I work full time in IT and am usually at my desk for lunch and often find myself snacking at other times.

Since using SlimTone the desire to snack has reduced.

As a new father of a 6 month old daughter, it is hard to find the time to get out And exercise. the only form of exercise I get is my daily cycle to and from work (about 3 miles). Whilst using SlimTone I found my cycle to work much easier and enjoyable. I was more satisfied on my 3 square meals a day with no desire for snacking.

At work I found that I had much more energy and enthusiasm with no 'mid-afternoon slumps'.

At the beginning of the program I found that I had a couple of nights where I found that I went to bed later but after time this subsided and I felt more refreshed in the morning. As suggested I upped my daily intake of water which made me feel more refreshed and energised than my usual intake of tea, coffee, and fizzy drinks and I didn't feel as heavy and bloated. In this time I suffered no nausea or side effects.

I found the SlimTone plan more suitable to me as it fits in with my lifestyle and a sensible eating plan means I don't have to starve myself in order to lose weight.

I have no doubt that I would recommend SlimTone to anyone in my position. Thank you so much!

Paul Wright, Norwich

BEFORE (12 stone 8lbs, 176lbs)
AFTER (10 stone, 140lbs)

I have been on a diet all my life. It seemed that no matter what I did the weight never came off. I had low energy levels and losing faith that I could lose weight at all. I was so sick of being fat that I finally decided to do something about it! I stumbled across the SlimTone range in my local health food shop.

I found the promotional leaflets to be very informative, sensible and scientifically sound. I decided to give the trial size combo a go. Surprisingly, I noticed an instant increase in my energy levels and strong appetite suppression.

To my amazement I lost 4lbs in 6 days, so I purchased a 2 months supply and followed the SlimTone total weight loss diet and exercise plan. With a few small sensible adjustments to my diet and by following some simple exercises along with the specially designed formulations I was able to drop 2 stone 8 lbs in 4 months.

Sure it took some time and effort, but at least I didn't feel hungry like I did on my last diet, and the best thing is that I didn't have to starve myself like before. I was able to eat a range of great tasting low Carb treats and still keep the weight off.

For anyone who still isn't sure about trying the SlimTone range, I say, take the plunge, I did and things couldn't have worked out better, thanks NSS-Direct from the new and slimmer Angelini!

Angelini, Doncaster

BEFORE (14 stone 7lbs, 203lbs)
AFTER (12 stone, 168lbs)

I was in charge of making upcoming public presentations for a charitable campaign to raise money for the construction of a new school and I was worried that my presentation and my own testimony would be compromised because of my excess weight. I started running every day. After 3 weeks I picked up an ankle injury and I had lost no weight at all.

Then I was given a SlimTone Trial size combo Box by a work colleague. I began to lose weight immediately, with no cravings whatsoever. Each and everyweek, the scale and my growing endurance served as a personal motivational reward.

The pounds were just melting away. Over the 90 day course I lost 2.5 stone (35lbs, 14kg) and felt a 100% better. My first public meeting for our building and development campaign was a smashing success.

Stephen Davis, London

BEFORE (12 stone 8lbs, 176lbs)
AFTER (11 stone, 154lbs)

I'm not sure where to start. In the last 5 years I have gained a lot of fat. I guess I never actually really realised how much it was until I had to start buying bigger clothing. I didn't like the way I looked and felt, I liked the larger clothes even less!

I started the SlimTone range and have already lost about 22lbs. My life has already changed. I eat healthier, I exercise more often, I drink more water and no longer snack on sugary and savoury snacks between meals. Slimtone original has really boosted my energy, confidence and helped to control my usual burning hunger pangs.

Stimulant Free keeps my evenings free from those wicked snacks that piled on the pounds. Unlike other thermogenics, I didn't suffer an side effects, with SlimTone Original, such as nausea, shakiness, and irritability and after taking stimulant free in the evenings I always had an excellent nights sleep.

The whole SlimTone weight loss program is absolutely amazing and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone looking for a healthy and sensible long term weight loss solution.

Marian Heather, London.

BEFORE (13 stone, 182lbs)
AFTER (11 stone, 154lbs)

I love my computer job. I make good money and have fun, but it means I sit around all day and I don't do much physical work, so I gained a good 30 pounds in the last year. I became very depressed and thought I had no way to lose the extra gained pounds.

A friend of mine recommended the SlimTone Combo Box. I have been using them for Two and a half months and have lost 2 stone (30lbs, 15.9kg).

Energy! Energy! Energy! All of it without Ephedra (ephedrine related alkaloids).

I take SlimTone Original (as directed) with breakfast and lunch. It completely kills my appetite and energises me all day long to help me burn my excess fat.

I also take SlimTone stimulant free in the evening to kill my appetite and sugar cravings. I recently followed their Low Carb evening plan and added SlimTone CarbStop with excellent results.

I can now fit back into the dress I used to wear before.

Thanks for such an awesome product. I have told all my friends about it!

Roberta Jenkins, Yorkshire.


BEFORE 262lbs AFTER 227lbs

A year ago I hid from cameras. Weighing over 262lbs made life seem hopeless. My thighs were so big I had to swing one leg around the other to walk and I could barely reach my shoes to tie them. Even my seat belt didn't fit anymore. I was ashamed, exhausted and embarrassed to be seen in public.

After starting on the SlimTone range a few months ago I felt so much better in just a few days. My energy levels have increased so much that what used to be exhausting and excruciating is now energising and exhilarating.

I no longer view food as the enemy but a friend and comrade in building a healthier body. In 90 days I've lost two and a half (35lb, 15.9 kg), 7 inches off my hips, 6 inches off my waist and 6% body fat.

I now follow the maintenance dose of just stimulant free in the evening to prevent my usual evening hunger pangs and sugar cravings. My sleeping is excellent and I don't suffer any side effects. I'm finding it really easy to follow the on line diet and exercise guide and I plan to go back on the combination pack again in 30 days time. Thank-you NSS-Direct for an excellent duct, the best I've ever used.

Jennifer Bodington, Yorkshire.


BEFORE 18 stone 1lb (253lbs) AFTER 14 Stone 8lbs (204lbs)

As a 30 year old mother of two, I had gone from 11 to 18 Stone two years after giving birth to my youngest son. My mum begged me to try the SlimTone Combo Box because she was concerned that my weight was affecting my health, she told me that a work colleague had experienced fantastic results, so I appeased her by trying the SlimTone Total Weight loss program, all the while thinking it would be a waste of time. However, after 2 weeks on the program I realised that as I sat, my stomach was not resting on my legs for the first time in over 3 years.

Now after 12 weeks I've lost Three and a half stones (49lbs, 22.27kg) most of the weight has come off my waist and hips.

I am currently on the maintenance dose and I have kept all the weight off without any stimulant effects.

Jodie Wilmock, Suffolk


BEFORE (194lbs) AFTER (172lbs)

Over the past 5 years I have had to go 6 operations on my right knee. Before I started to have all these operations, I played a lot of sports and kept myself really fit and healthy. As the operations mounted up, the harder it became to exercise and keep myself as fit and trim as before. Then the weight that I was gaining, due to the lack of exercise, also became a further burden on an already worn out knee. I tried various programs of dieting, and also with an active social life. The will power was not always there, more a case of sort it out tomorrow, then I would end up having to attend another function and so on. Then energy levels would deteriorate and before I knew it, the weight had got out of control and looking to buy the next size up in clothing, which also became very depressing.

Then I was introduced to the SlimTone Total Weight Loss System. After 14 days of the program I had lost 9lbs, also with the extra energy generated by taking the capsules

I am able to go for a 30 minute cycle ride or brisk couple of walks a day with my dog. By doing this I feel active again and really feel that I am helping myself and my knee problem. Therefore, I would like to say that anyone in my position, fed up with trying to control your weight problem, fed up with the loss of energy levels, that you seriously consider using the SlimTone eight loss system. I did and feel as though I have really achieved something.

A J Lockwood, Hants


M's Nail Bar 28 Kingsman Drive, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, CO16 8UL

I am writing as an endorsement of the effectiveness of the SlimTone original and stimulant free capsules, on behalf of myself and several work colleagues. We have all achieved significant weight losses, which have been easily maintained over the past few months. Over the past couple of decades I have tried a number of products and diets, as have my colleagues, but this is the first time we have found something that worked for us all.

The good thing about these capsules is that although you obviously need to make certain changes to your diet, you do not have to follow a strict diet regime. I also encourages you to increase your water intake. I have no hesitation in recommending them and indeed I have done so to a number of friends, colleagues and several hundred customers!

Jane Robinson


Dream Reality Campion House, 26 Campion Close, Warsash, Hamps, SO31 9DE

As a very busy business and sports psychology coach, my focus has always been to 'walk the talk', thus look the part. However, as my business has grown, my time to train has been limited and as I move further into the realms where 'middle age spread' occurs I am naturally keen to find ways of staying on top of my game. Previously, coming from a health club management background with one of the leading healthy club chains, Fitness First Plc

I have been well aware of the power of 'thermogenics' in individual fitness and health regimes. However, I have been equally concerned with finding a company that can supply the product in the correct quality mix, as there have been many cases of poor quality products available on the market.

I was therefore, delighted to discover the 'Slimtone' range, which is a quality product. I personally have been using it to great effect in conjunction with my training and it has helped me lose weight, reduce percentage body fat and increase my focus and stamina. I have no hesitation in recommending this 'quality' product and look forward to its pending clinical trials leading to its endorsement by the medical profession.

Well done Natural Scientific Solutions Ltd!

Kind Regards, Steve Jones


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** A set of before and after pictures. Most people were prompted to start using Slim Tone after seeing a picture of themselves – these make excellent before pictures, after using Slim Tone for a while you can now take your after picture.

** Name, address including post code, age and sex.

** Length of time that you have used Slim Tone products.

** You're starting weight and measurements.

** Finishing weight and measurements, plus actual amount of weight or inches lost.

** Include a brief description of your food consumption before and during your course of Slim Tone e.g. (The Slim Tone sensible eating guide)

** Include a brief description of your daily exercise levels before and during your course of Slim Tone.

** Include a brief description of your daily energy levels (including between meal snacking), appetite levels and mental alertness before and during your course of Slim Tone original.

** Include a brief description of your daily appetite levels (including between meal snacking), and sleep quality before and during your course of Slim Tone Stimulant Free.

** State if you increased your water intake during the course and how it affected your energy levels and if a reduction in any "nausea" symptoms was noted.

** State how the specific combination of Slim Tone Original and Slim Tone Stimulant Free while following the Sensible Eating Guide compares to other products that you have taken in the past.

Finally please write a paragraph explaining what you believe to be the main benefits of using the Slim Tone Range of weight loss supplements and state if you would recommend the Slim Tone Range to others.

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