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Our Combo Box contains two of the world's most effective day time and evening fat burning formulations!


Contains an effective and advanced combination patent pending thermogenic fat burning supplements and weight loss programs. This advanced natural Diet pill supplement and weight loss programs has been created to combat the major factors that prevent the success of calorie controlled diets.


The SlimTone Combo Box contains the following clinically proven weight loss pills:



SlimTone Original Refill Bottle when combined with our exercise and diet plan may provide the following benefits:

SlimTone Simulant Free Refill Bottle when combined with our exercise and diet plan may provide the following benefits:

*May Support Fat Burning
*May Support high energy levels
*May Support high mental alertness
*May Support Daytime appetite control
*May help Reduce sugar cravings
*Diet and slimming pill supplement
*Safe & natural

*results may vary with each person!

*May Support Evening appetite control
*May help Reduce sugar cravings
*Optimize growth hormone during sleep
*Caffeine free
*Safe & natural
*May Support a high metabolic rate

*results may vary with each person!

Click here for more info theUK's
Strongest Fat Burner
Click here for More info the UK's
Strongest natural Diet pill

There are many weight loss products on the market and it is hard to work out which one will be the most suitable for your needs. It is for this reason that the SlimTone multi supplement formulation was developed.

All stimulant based thermogenic formulations are suitable for use in the morning and early afternoon. They work on the principal that stimulants naturally suppress appetite and raise the metabolic rate.

This process causes major stimulant related side effects to millions of people who use them to suppress the evening hunger pangs that inevitably occur when food has been restricted from early morning to late evening.

Users of thermogenic stimulant fat burners, who eventually have to stop taking them in the evening due to stimulant related sleep problems, experience a halt in their progress after only a few weeks because the body adapts to day time food restriction by creating an almost uncontrollable level of hunger in the evening.

This often results in excessive food intake until the early hours of the morning.

Users of thermogenic fat burners justify this excessive evening food intake with the excuse "I starved my self all day so I deserve to cheat a little"

This major cause of failure has been overcome with the SlimTone Combo Box.

SlimTone Original the first two low calorie high protein meals that are consumed are supported by SlimTone Original

SlimTone Stimulant Free will support metabolism during the evening. The second two low calorie high protein meals are supported by SlimTone Stimulant Free® ensure that the sensible eating plan is strictly followed, without keeping you awake at night.

SlimTone Stimulant Free is the only caffeine free supplement of its kind on the market. Its qualities enable the user to  completely stamp out problems morning noon and night without the usual stimulant side effects or disturbing sleep patterns.

This Two tier approach is supported with a professional diet and exercise plan the SlimTone Total Weight Loss plan (available as a free download) and will ensure you succesfully stick to your 3-4 small high protein low calorie meals per day without cheating or snacking in between meals or late at night. Hundreds of thousands of slimmers have lost weight and kept it off following the SlimTone Total Weight Loss Program.

We have provided a comparison chart of the top 5 best selling weight loss weight loss formulations in Europe and the USA. When compared SlimTone Original and SlimTone Stimulant Free uses more ingredients at a higher concentration than any other brand in the European and US markets.

Our comparison chart clearly shows both Original and Stimulant Free to be more concentrated than the leading brands that have millions of regular users.

For your peace of mind the SlimTone Combo Box comes with a 20 day unconditional money back guarantee. See our testimonials section for a sample of some of our hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers.



Many Slimmers, after failing to further advance their weight loss objective don't see the point in continuing to suffer starvation and give up at this point. The consumption of even one extra meal produces a substantial gain in weight and retention of water because your body thinks it's needed to get through the famine situation. This dramatic weight gain can be very alarming to most women and is often motivation enough to re-start the low calorie dieting process. Years and years of yo-yo diets have left many of us feeling defeated, confused and powerless.


PREVENT THE YO-YO effect and ensure dieting success with the SlimTone Combination Box.

The SlimTone 30 Day Combo Box is the first and most advanced combination patent pending weight loss product and weight loss program in the world. It has been specifically created to combat the major factors that prevent the success of calorie controlled diets.

The Total Weight loss Program is a combination of a top quality calorie controlled diet (The SlimTone Sensible Eating Plan®) along with 2 unique weight loss supplements that have been specifically designed to be taken with your meals.



Yes the SlimTone combo box range of supplements contains only natural ingredients that have been used in millions of supplements sold world wide.

SlimTone Original is safe when used as directed (see label and back of leaflet for details). However its guarana content may increase your heart rate a little, so it's normal to feel a little anxious in the beginning but it will soon pass. The coffee like guarana may keep you awake at night if taken too close to sleep.

SlimTone Stimulant Free is one of the safest weight loss supplements in the world but must be used as directed. If you are a healthy individual, over 18, not using medication and are not suffering or have never suffered from any medical condition, you will find the SlimTone combo box range completely safe to use.

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