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Frequently Asked Questions

This section is the most important link in the chain for successful weight loss while using the SlimTone Diet and slimming pill range. Each question is linked to the next helping you understand how to use the SlimTone range of diet pills for the most effective long term weight loss results.


Q.1 How does SlimTone Original Work?

SlimTone Original contains Diet and slimming pill ingredients that work in several ways: Green Tea extract, Guarana Bark & Citrus Aurentium stimulate a thermogenic response from your brown fat cells which use white fat cells (stored body fat e.g. cellulite on hips or love handles on abdomen) as a fuel to increase your body temperature. This thermogenic action will naturally suppress your appetite. As the white fat cells shrink they are converted to heat and energy naturally relieving tiredness.

SlimTone Original also contains ingredients that support the production of natural bio chemicals required for metabolic actions and thermogenisis: Forskolin, L-Tyrosine and Acetyl L Carnitine. The inclusion of Chromimum Picolinate will ensure sugar cravings are diminished during the day. The precise combination of specific nutrients & natural biochemical compounds contained in the SlimTone Original formula is without doubt the most powerful and effective natural thermogenic fat burning formula ever created.


Q.2 How does SlimTone Stimulant Free Work?

SlimTone Stimulant Free was created to further enhance the fat burning effects of SlimTone Original. By combining the two formulas NSS-Ltd have developed the most effective fat loss system ever created.

SlimTone Stimulant Free was created to further enhance the fat burning effects of SlimTone Original. By combining the two formulas NSS-Ltd have developed the most effective fat loss system ever created.

A brilliant thermogenic compound like SlimTone Original is only half the story. Other thermogenic supplements on the market fail to deliver completely satisfactory results because although they allow many people to lose weight in the first few weeks, they will adapt to them via an increase in appetite with sugar cravings in the late evening. It is impossible to take a thermogenic supplement in the evening for appetite suppression because they usually have a high caffeine/stimulant content which stops you sleeping. The temptation of evening hunger pangs is often too hard to resist and many people find themselves breaking their strict diet regime in order to satisfy these unbearable cravings. This will all too often stop your weight loss progress dead in its tracks.

SlimTone Stimulant Free makes our weight loss system complete. It contains strong metabolic enhancers like CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid), Seaweed extract, growth hormone boosters, Argenine, Ornathine (which increases muscle tone and burns fat)and natural appetite and sugar craving suppressants HCA and Chromium Chelate. When taken with your early evening meal it will enable you to feel full and satisfied even with a small amount of food and help prevent those all to familiar hunger pangs - and as it is caffeine free it won't disturb your sleep patterns. Combining SlimTone Stimulant Free with your morning and afternoon dose of SlimTone Original will dramatically enhance its fat burning action by further boosting your metabolism and increasing the overall appetite suppression effect. Which aids the diet plan for healthy weight loss.


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