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The Sensible Eating Guide

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The SlimTone Easy Weight Loss System

Sensible Eating Guide

Your Daily Calorie Needs

The following section will help your calculate your daily diet calorie intake:

Approximate Daily Calorie Needs
Approximately 20 calories per kg of body weight. Eat 3 small/medium meals per day, evenly spaced out over a 10 - 12 hour period of between 300 - 500 kcals with a fruit snack in the afternoon (e.g. 1 apple and 1 banana).

 For example,
 60kg = 1200 Kcals per day.

Exact Daily Calorie Needs
To calculate the exact daily calorie needs of a person with a normal healthy metabolic rate, we can use the following calculation.

The Basal Metabolic Rate (or Resting Metabolic Rate) is equal to 25 calories per kilogram of body weight.

Your Weight (Kilograms) x 25 = Resting Metabolic Rate

 For example, Tracy weighs 64kg:

 64 x 25 = 1600
 Tracy’s Resting Metabolic Rate = 1600 calories


Your Resting Metabolic Rate is the level of calories that must be consumed to prevent metabolic rate from falling.

During any calorie restrictive diets the individual must not consume fewer calories than their resting metabolic rate or metabolic slowdown will occur, therefore they will simply gain any weight lost when normal eating patterns resume.

Add this to your daily energy needs:

Example of activity level
Percentage of RMR
  Sedentary Very little exercise Add 20%  
  Moderately Active 30 mins walking, 3 times a week Add 50%  
  Highly Active 60 mins walking, 2-3 times a week Add 100%  


Resting Metabolic Rate + Percentage of MR = Your Daily Calorie Needs

For example, Tracy’s Resting Metabolic Rate is 1600 calories and she is
 Moderately Active, therefore:

 Moderately Active = 50% of Metabolic Rate,

 50% of 1600 = 800,

 1600 + 800 = 2400,

Tracy’s Daily Calorie Needs = 2400 Calories

(Amount needed to maintain current weight)


Introduction Daily Calorie Needs for your
12-Week SlimTone Course


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