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The SlimTone Easy Weight Loss System

Sensible Eating Guide

Daily Calorie Needs
for your 12-Week SlimTone Course

Most people interested in using SlimTone weight loss supplements, who have been restricting their calories (Starvation diets) for an extended period, will suffer from a reduction in their resting metbaolic rate. Consumption of the “recommended” calorie level may lead to weight gain in individuals with a slow metabolic rate. It is therefore recommended that a lower calorie level than “Daily Calorie Needs” be consumed.

To identify your approximate target daily calorie level during your 12 week SlimTone weight loss supplement course, subtract your approximate percentage body fat + 12% from your total Daily Calorie Needs.

The tables below will tell you your approximate body fat percentage.

Daily Calorie Need -minus- (Body Fat Percentage + 12%) = Target Calorie Level

For example, Tracy who is 5’5 and weighs 11.5 Stone uses the women's table above to estimate her body fat as 20% and to that adds another 12%, totaling 32%.

32% of 2400 = 768, (use a calculator: 8400 x 32% = 768)
2400 - 768 = 1632
Tracy’s Target Calorie Level while on the 12-week course = 1632 calories per day

If Tracy were to consume this number of calories per day it would lead to an approximate weekly calorie deficit of 5040 calories (720 x 7 days), resulting in a total weight loss of approx 1-2lbs of body fat per week!

If you have been on a very “low calorie diet” for more than 1 month you may suffer from metabolic slowdown, it is therefore recommended that you slowly increase your calorie level to our recommended level over a couple of weeks for your body to adjust.

Your Daily Calorie Needs Diet Maintenance


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