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Women'sExercise Guide

(Please seek medical advice before starting any exercise programme)

Women's Legs, Hips and Thighs Toning Workout

Warm-up and Stretch

Always spend at least 20 minutes warming your body up for exercise (e.g 20 minutes of aerobics on a cv machine). This will help to prevent any injuries and will make you stronger in the long run. The warm-up will also help to speed up the metabolic rate allowing your body to release energy more efficiently.

The aim of this workout is to improve the shape and tone of abs and love handles.

This plan is intended as more of an aerobic type (very high reps) than a body building type plan. Performing high repetitions will enable a more effective concentrated penetration of key fat metabolising SlimTone nutrients leading to improved shape and spot reduction.

Smart tip!

To achieve the best possible "spot fat reduction" results always perform the following exercises after 45 mins of moderate intensity (65 - 85% of your maximum heart rate).

Perform as many reps as you can with a comfortable amount of weight. The more reps you perform after this 45 minute period, the more likely you will burn fat from your specific target area and the faster your metabolism is likely to become for several hours after the exercise.

>> Leg Curls

>> Dead Lifts

>> Leg Extensions

>> Leg Press

>> Lunges

>> Directions for SlimTone Dosage on Exercise Days

Leg Curls


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