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Fat Burning Workouts

The SlimTone Easy Weight Loss System

Fat Burning & Fitness Workout

(Please seek medical advice before starting any exercise programme)

Easy exercise tips!

When you convert fat to energy and burn it off with exercise you will lose weight much faster and may achieve outstanding results.

For any diet plan to be effective an increase in physical activity must take place.

Get off one stop early when travelling on the tube or bus and walk the extra distance to work. if you work near to your home, leave the car at home and walk. Use the stairs more often, if you use a lift at work get off a few stops below your floor and use the stairs. Stair climbing is an excellent form of aerobic exercise.

Fat burning workouts

The following activities can be considered to be fat burning and fitness workouts:

 Brisk Walking, Cycling, Swimming,
 gym workouts such as: Stair Climber, Stepper or Aerobic Classes.

Exercise at a Moderate level. This equals Movement within Exercise Range at 65-85 % of maximum heart rate. (MHR)

 Maximum heart rate (MHR) is calculated at 220 minus age.
 E.g. Age 25 (MHR) = 195 beats per minute (BPM)
 Exercise range = 127-166 (BPM).

You must exercise within this heart rate range in order to burn the maximum amount of body fat during physical activity.

Moderate physical activity must be performed at least 2-3 times per week for a Minimum of 20 minutes.

As your fitness improves you can increase this to up to 60 minutes 3 times per week.

When the above activities are practiced regularly in conjunction with the SlimTone Range the fat burning actions in your body are greatly improved.

After 40 minutes of aerobic exercise has been completed in exercise range your metabolism is raised & therefore the following exercises become much more effective at burning fat from specific parts of your body (see Men's and Women's workouts for more details).

>> Directions for Dosage on Exercise Days

>> Men's Workout

>> Women's Workout

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